Dent Motors Ltd

Our Full Service, this is what you will have done.

How do we compare ?


All seats and seat belts
All interier lights and tell tail lights on display
Hand brake security and amount on travel
Wipers, washers and horn
All doors, boot and bonnet for security
All exterier lights
All tyres for damage, wear and correct presure inc spare
Body condiction, Battary condiction
If fitted, Tow bar and electrics (This being included in the Mot test now)
Radiator water level, power steering oil level and brake fluid level
Window wash tank level
Grease all door hinges and catches, inc boot and bonnet
Grease handbrake cables ends
Grease battary termals and connection (Not all Models)
Take off all wheels, strip out all brakes, clean, check brake pad / shoe liner amount and condiction of brake disks
Spark plugs (if required) (extry charge)
Pollen filter (if required) (extry charge)
Oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter but not on all petrol models
A light clean of dash and side panals
A light wash of exterier body
Fill out and stamp service record
Set service indicator and oil service indicator (in some models)


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